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When it comes to great kings, David and Solomon are clearly the most devoted to God. But there were others who overcame their struggle to lead their people. WAY2REAL introduces you to the House of Kings. 


a. King Abijah - This guy defeated Israel in battle and was described as a ruler who grew strong [2 Chronicles 13:21]

b. King Jehoshaphat - He was one of the first major kings after Solomon. Jehoshaphat worshipped God and made sure that his people did, too. He also had great riches and honor. 

[2 Chronicles 18:1]

c. King Jotham - He built towers, defeated enemies, and "did what was right in the sight of Lord". [2 Chronicles 27:2] 

d. King Hezekiah - Many generations later this king restored the Temple in Jerusalem to its former glory, started Passover celebrations in Jerusalem and tried to unite the North and South again by calling a truce and throwing a huge party. Later in his story he got sick, but "Hezekiah humbled himself" and God healed him.

[2 Chronicles 32:26]

e. King Josiah - He was only 8 years old when he took over control of Judah, but he quickly became a royal powerhouse. Not only did he "walk in the ways of his ancestor David" [2 Chronicles 34:2], but he destroyed all the idols in Judah.

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